Digital Art

I like to make stuff that looks and feels compelling. Something that makes one sit back, laugh, and say “wow”.

To this end, exploring motion in artwork is somewhat of a passion of mine. I like to think about where things could go and how different landscapes might look from different distances.

The below projects actually run live in the browser. They’re written in C++ and compiled to JavaScript using a library called Emscripten. The rendering is done by an excellent library called Magnum, which supports Emscripten natively.

Floor Music Visualiser


The idea behind this music visualiser was to think of the “dance floor” in Dance Dance Revolution. I was thinking of something that was vibrant and sleek, with clear outlines for each of the tiles. The idea expanded as I added motion to the floor as something that reacted dynamically to what was playing, almost like a cloth in the wind.

The outlines on the bars are achieved by providing barymetric co-ordinates to the vertex shader. Pixels that are close to edges of the barymetric outline are colored with a solid color, other pixels are semitransparent based on the height of the bar.



This piece is based on the idea of travelling through an abstract, infinite desert. I used the pinnacles as inspiration. The fading in and out as the towers approach the camera is based on a polynomial curve with an X intercept of the camera distance. An offset is applied based on the height of each block in the tower to have the blocks fade towards the top.

JS City

Lights intensity</input> Lights blur</input>

This piece is inspired by pixel city. I am hoping to make something similar, but it is still a work in progress.


Sound_ (Soundscore)

Somewhat of a work in progress…

Parametric Estimator

This is a line estimator using parametric regression and the least-squares method. It hill-climbs until a fit is reached.

Quaternion Visualizer

This is a quaternion visualiser.

Euler Angles Visualizer

This is a quaternion visualiser.

Gaussian Blurs

A visualiser for slow polynomial time gaussian blurs

Box Blurs

A visualiser for faster box blurs

Precomputed Blurs

A visualiser for precomputed gaussian blurs