Sam Spilsbury

Confidence, Precision, Integrity. Open.


I am a person with a broad skill set and knowledge base and I intend to keep it that way.

I love to build stuff and solve problems. I set high standards and enforce them as much as I can, usually by automation.

I do and make stuff that sings. That makes people say "wow". That makes people laugh and smile and be glad to be human.


CMake Tooling

Easy integration of leading C++ tools into your project


A desktop experience like no other before it

Digital Art

New visions, new landscapes


Coverage tools for JavaScript


Abstract syntax trees and static analysis


A desktop experience that sings


Foundations for the future of Kodi on the Linux Desktop

What I've been involved in


  • Improvements to polysquare-travis-container

    After some time out, I sat down to make some changes to polysquare-travis-container based on some things I had recently learned about package managers.

  • Safety is not our first priority

    I was on a flight back to Australia when something in the routine safety demonstration video struck me with more significance than it had in the past.

  • Naming things

    Naming things is apparently one of the hardest problems in software engineering.

  • Bringing back the old animations

    One of the other casualties when we switched to using Modern OpenGL in Compiz was the loss of the older animation plugins, such as animationaddon, simple-animations, animationjc and animationsplus.

  • Revenge of the blur plugin for compiz

    A couple of years ago I blogged about the blur plugin for compiz - how it worked and some of the changes necessary to make it work with the modernised codebase. I wanted it to be available for the rest of the Ubuntu users, but I was a little overzealous about how much I chose to re-write and I took a rather long hiatus from development before I was able to get it through review.